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Barts Pet Zwart Gypso Cap Black

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Normale prijs
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You can leave your cap on deze winter... Barts Pet Gypso Cap Black. Gemaakt van 100% zwart nep bont. Super fashionable originele pet die nog heerlijk warm is ook.
- Materiaal: 100% polyester voering 100% katoen
- Kleur: Zwart
- Maat: One Size 

Why is it good?
Barts is aware that we are all responsible for the planet we live on and the world’s resources that we use. This includes certain social and environmental responsibilities in our supply chain that are at the top of our list of priorities. For this reason, Barts has their own Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct clarifies and lays down the minimum standards we expect each factory to meet. This includes no use of child- or forced labor, no discrimination and no excessive working hours. Barts insists that their partners are taking care of responsible manufacturing and healthy working conditions.